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The Coolest Music Inspired Interior Design

Music inspires people in many ways, and that includes interior design. You’ve probably seen musically inspired furniture, and maybe even have a couple hanging around the basement. But why stop with the furniture when you can have the entire interior filled with a musical theme or motif?

Drumming Up the Interior

For instance you can use drums as a bookcase, just line them up side by side and screw them onto walls. If you’ve got one of those large drum sets, you can even use it as a table for your knick knacks and other stuff. There are even folks who have taken it further and use drums as lamps. What makes lamp drums different is they’re sound activated so instead of flicking a switch, you tap it to turn on and off.

Mississauga painters

Other Ideas

If you’ve got a trumpet lying around, you can use it as lamp stand, or you can turn an amplifier into a side table. It’s not as weird as it sounds because these things are large enough to hold books, picture frames and lamps, and it’d look great right next to your bed.

Of course it doesn’t have to end with these furniture pieces as you can complete the set up by painting your home in the appropriate colors and designs. “Appropriate” of course, depends on what type of music you listen to, so it’s your choice. If you’re serious about adding a musical touch to your interior painting, check out GTA Mississauga painters in Toronto, as they specialize in this stuff.

How to Lower Electricity Use in Your Recording Studio

Making music isn’t easy, and worrying about your electricity bill isn’t going to help your creative juices flow. If your electricity bill is skyrocketing, here are a few quick tips to help cut down the cost.   As you may know, I  run a small recording studio, and recently I hired on  a friend of mine who’s an electrican in Toronto to help me lower energy usage to help lower costs.

Get LED Lights and Smart Sensors

If you haven’t already done so, replace all the lights in your recording studio with LED. Yes they might be more expensive at first, but you’ll save money in the long run. LED lights last thousands of hours longer than regular light and they’re more energy efficient, and you can save hundreds of dollars not just in your electric bill but also by not needing to buy a replacement bulb every month.

Smart sensors on the other hand, turn lights off and on when you need it, so it’s another way to cut on costs. Plus, make sure all appliances you use are Energy Star compliant.

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Use Only Essential Equipment

If you’re a beginner, then you only need a few things in your recording studio: a microphone, a computer, headphone, an audio interface, a DAW, studio monitors and a few accessories like a headphone extension cable, a mic stand and cable. As you progress, you can add the acoustic panels, bass traps and other stuff later.

There are a few more things you can do to save on electricity: if you can do with an electric fan rather than the air conditioning system, do it. If you do use the air con, clean it regularly so the system doesn’t have to work as hard and consume power than it has to.

The Most Recent Trends in Hip Hop

Hip hop is a culture that is constantly evolving, constantly changing as the players come and go. Its music and fashion trends continue to revolve around the defining musicians and historic idols that have the right to introduce new ideas or reintroduce old ones. With 2014 coming to a close, here’s a quick look at what’s new and what’s still trendy in the world of hip hop.

Black Leather

Kanye Black Leather

Hip hop has a mostly love-hate relationship when it comes to leather and different artists have different opinions on the matter but it has come back with a vengeance during the last few months of 2013, making a big impact in 2014. Artists like 2 Chainz and Kanye West are the most popular proponents here, dressing in stylish black leather that is loose, shiny, and glamorous. It also works quite well with the never-ending love hip hop has for black shades and extraneous use of shiny gold and diamonds.

Stylish, Not-So-Military Camo

Camo has always been a favourite amongst the hip hop community but 2014 saw a resurging interest, this time with camo clothing that isn’t so stuck on military designs.  Artists like The Weeknd love wearing camo, even mentioning it in some of their songs.  Now you’ll see fit high waist camo trousers or sleek and fit camo shorts for girls. Some famous designs worn by popular female artists are quite colourful and flashy instead of the traditional black and green commonly worn by soldiers (and rock artists). It’s become quite a popular trend with female hip hop icons.

Urban Street Wear

Artists like Wale and Kid Cudi introduced urban street wear to the world of hip hop. While some say it looks too much like a typical rock-fanatic street wear, urban hip hop has been gaining popularity and is even a favourite trend amongst high profile artists today. Nothing beats a simple shirt, urban cap, and ripped sexy jeans paired with a little golden bling and air-soft shoes.